15 Pairs of Celebrities Wearing the Same Clothes but Looked Different

Published:Dec 5, 202318:37
15 Pairs of Celebrities Wearing the Same Clothes but Looked Different

Some of us move to similar average-priced stores, so it’s a pretty usual thing to watch someone dressed just like you on the road or social media. But celebrities are also not protected from these incidents, even though they mainly purchase clothes from luxury stores. Some people choose to reuse a legendary dress from the past.

When it gets to fashion, there is no one else than tinsel town who can form the trend. All the sights are on them, assessing their every instant, what they do, where they move, and primarily what they wear. These divas usually exhibit exclusive looks at events, but sometimes two leading females end up wearing identical dresses either in a distinct color or minor modification or even the actual. Here are few such events.

We were curious to inspect the shots of celebrities that chose identical clothes to wear in public. And it’s up to you to determine who glimpses nicer.


1. Jacqueline Fernandez and Nargis Fakhri:

Another dazzling number was worn by the other two B-town charms. Jacqueline Fernandez and Nargis Fakhri were noticed in silver sequins gowns at distinct events. Nargis seemed bold and gorgeous in the jazzy number, Jacqueline had a distinct poise and complexness to her outfit.  While both made an effort to channel the disco-dancer vibe, Jacqueline rolled the costume better.

2. Kareena Kapoor Khan and Deepika Padukone:

Notice what we have here, another similar-looking outfit. These two prominent ladies may be competitors but when it gets to holding up this outfit, Kareena does possess an edge over Deepika. While Deepika has spare a pretty but still look, Kareena looks extensively sexy and classy. Bebo wears this costume finer than  Deepika.

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3. Priyanka Chopra and Frieda Pinto: 

Here are two women who brought in big on an international platform. Both the actresses were glimpsed in the same gowns in distinct colors. Frieda looked cheerful in the violet number while Priyanka looked adorable in her light blue dress. However both of them look glamorous, Frieda misses some points for the rope belt wrapped high on the waist which inflates her figure, thus, Priyanka succeeds this round in the battle of style. Also kudos to Priyanka for the marvelous hairstyle.

4. Amisha Patel and Bipasha Basu: 

It was enormous oops when Bipasha Basu and Amisha Patel were caught wearing similar short dresses in distinct colors on different occasions. Both the actresses glimpsed hot in their apparel while stepping the green carpet. The only reason they both are not victors is that Amisha’s footwear contrarily both had a neck-to-neck conflict in style games.

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5. Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif: 

The two prominent women not just have an ex in common but also share a strikingly same clothing sense. In a shimmery gold and black number both the actresses glance lovely. While Deepika took off for a little messy hairstyle, Katrina with open wavy hair looks beautiful yet hot. There is no suspicion that these two beauties usually clothe exceptionally but in this case, Katrina certainly appeared sparkling with her sexy-sweet look in the dress.

6. Neha Dhupia, Mugdha Godse, and Diana Penty:

The designers must be meager when three actresses came out in the same dress on different occasions. While all three look glorious in the maroon evening gown, Mugdha’s up-do counts her an extra point defeating the other in the style game.

7. Priyanka Chopra and Rani Mukherjee:

Rani and Priyanka never truly had an opportunity for competition in the industry. But Rani decided to take on Priyanka in style game by wearing a dress identical to that of Priyanka’s royal blue in eye-hurting turquoise shade. She went wrong in her experiment to commend so. While Priyanka glanced hot, Rani’s was okayish.

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8. Kajol and Divya Dutta:

Kajol and Divya were caught wearing the grey-washed saree at different occurrences. But anyone can effortlessly observe that Kajol kept up the look better. Credit to her see-through lace blouse and glamorous hairstyle, Kajol looked beautiful as against Divya who looks paled in the outfit.

9. Konkana Sen Sharma and Kareena Kapoor Khan:

Konkana and Kareena wore pink and yellow clothes but it is obvious that Konkana executes no justice to this apparel. On the other hand, Kareena enhanced the orange clutch and multi-colored bangle and looks incredible.

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10. Mallika Sherawat and Sushmita Sen: 

This Karen Millan costume does look gorgeous and so thought these two glamours too. When it comes to differing, Sushmita’s modeling acquaintance and enthusiasm are evident in how she wears this dress. Mallika looks keen for an outing with girls, Sushmita holds up this dress more regally, indicating it at its best advantage.

11. Deepika Padukone and Shilpa Shetty:

Deepika and Shilpa wore similar printed blue skirts from Zara in distinct styles. Deepika looks like she is prepared for the day in the office while Shilpa looks inclined for a lunch date. Deepika extremely requires to work on her style and can grab a few clues from Shilpa on style. A big round of cheering for Shilpa for pairing the clothing with that silver belt and naked pumps.

12. Jacqueline Fernandez and Katrina Kaif:

These two Bollywood imports do come off to imagine similar. The red knit jacket is nearly indistinguishable from the varied colored frocks. Jacqueline banded hers with white giving her a sweet and noble look, while Katrina paired it with black which gives the whole dress a more traditional yet just bold look. Katrina here beats Jacqueline and slays every one with her looks.

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13. Aiswarya Rai and Kareena Kapoor:

Now, these two leading ladies appear to deliver each other hard competition. While both are usually incredibly dressed, their clothes for the magazine shoot are quite the same. While Kareena gazes like a 90’s pin-up model or chambray dancer, Ash on the other hand looks convenient for a gala or red carpet. Both look incredible and we can't proclaim one of them a defeater.

14. Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone:

This is Deepika’s other impropriety. Deepika has several times adored Sonam’s fashion style and she loves it so much that after few days of Sonam’s image wearing ivory and black saree got on viral, even Deepika chose to wear the exact outfit at Chennai Express publicity. Sonam may not have been very blooming at films but she fled Deepika behind in the fashion department with her gorgeous and refined look in the saree.

15. Deepika Padukone and Shradha Kapoor:

Deepika requires to fix her stylist or select her outfits more carefully. This Bollywood diva again wore a dress identical to that of Shradha Kapoor. Deepika wore this nearly nude gown in gold as defied to Shradh’s black. While we can whomp her for copying the dress, she looks gorgeous and Shradha too glances smoking in her black abundance. So, this is another deadlock in the fashion game.

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