Five Dinosaur Games On The Horizon

Published:Dec 5, 202322:56
Five Dinosaur Games On The Horizon

Jurassic World Evolution 2 delivers plenty of prehistoric thrills, and will soon get a massive update based on the forthcoming Jurassic World Dominion motion picture, but it isn't the only new dinosaur experience on the horizon or that you can play right now.

I scoured the internet for dinosaur titles that are in the works and found five that look promising. The last one on this list is something you can download right now. Here's what we can look forward to soon:

Jurassic Architect
Humanity is in trouble. After depleting most of Earth's resources and polluting its air, the only hope for survival lies in the past. The world's powers come together to send humanity back to the prehistoric age where they can again mine the planet for its minerals and fill the air with waste. This city building experience tasks you to build new settlements for humanity within the world of dinosaurs. Some of these thunder lizards can be used to help you in the mines. Others can be ridden to expedite travel. A good number of them, however, are hostile. On an incredibly dark note, those killers can even be turned into gladiators for your own coliseum. Jurassic Architect is currently in development for PC and looks incredibly ambitious, almost like a sci-fi and prehistoric Sim City. Sadly, no release date has been given.

Played solo or with up to three-players cooperatively, Deathground is a first-person survival horror experience with a heavy emphasis on suspense. In the short gameplay clips that developer Jaw Drop Games has released, Deathground has an Alien Isolation vibe to it where progress is slow, as you want to move stealthily to not alert any nearby raptors or a tyrannosaurs rex. The game was originally announced for a late 2021 release on PC, but has since been delayed.

The Lost Wild
Described by developer Great Ape Games as "immersive and cinematic,"  The Lost Wild is a story-driven survival experience. As you trek across a mysterious island, you'll learn why dinosaurs walk among us. It doesn't sound like you'll kill any of them. You can intimidate and evade them using both the environment and an assortment of non-lethal weapons and items. As the dinosaurs hunt, you'll have to have your wits about you, since their A.I. factors in self-preservation and reactive systemic behavior. No release date or known systems have been announced at this time.

Paleo Pines
Build a ranch. Explore the wilds. And pet every dinosaur you come across. You heard that right, you can pet, care for, and ride every dinosaur in the adorable-looking Paleo Pines. While currently only listed for Steam, there's chatter that Paleo Pines is also heading to Switch at an unspecified time. You'll use the dinosaurs' different abilities to plow fields, smash rocks, and many other things to help your ranch grow. As you explore deeper into the world, you'll get to know your neighbors and will discover exotic dinosaurs that can help you in big ways.

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter
If you are looking for something you can play on PC right now, Dinosaur Fossil Hunter was released last month, and offers a deep simulation where you are tasked to drive across open worlds to find fossil sites, and then use various gadgets to locate and dig for dinosaur bones. The collections you unearth can then be displayed in your own museum. You get to design all of the displays and arrange how the dinosaurs look.

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