Gambling anime – how to stay with the game even while watching series

Gamers often become anime’s main characters, but finding a fascinating series on this topic is not so easy. Authority editors from has chosen the TOP 5 stories that may attract gambling fans. There are both popular series and little-known ones, which you hardly heard about.

Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor

The jobless Kaiji Ito enjoys stealing automobile badges and puncturing tires for pleasure. It all comes to a stop, though, as a brown-robed guy approaches him. Endo is his name, and he works as a debt collector. Kaiji’s visit is motivated by an unpaid obligation he owes as a guarantor to Takeshi Furuhata, a former coworker. When Takeshi vanished, Kaiji was left with the debt of 300,000 yen.

However, Endou tells the guy about an “easy” way to get rid of a significantly increased debt, which, as it turns out, has risen to 3,850,000 yen. The essence of the method lies in the fact that Kaiji, along with other people who find themselves in a similar situation, board the ship, where they will play some kind of gambling game for the money additionally lent to them. The game will end with a few people winning and getting rid of debt, and everyone else will fall into even deeper debt and, in order to pay it off, will be forced to work for several years for the organizing company. After pressure is put on him, Kaiji agrees to take part in the game, hoping that he will be able to not only get rid of the debt but also earn some money.

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Kakegurui — Compulsive Gambler

Hyakkao Private Academy is an extraordinary educational institution. Only the heirs of wealthy parents study there. This institution has a unique program because it offers schoolchildren not mathematics, literature, or chemistry but lessons that teach them to guess, count and win. Simple games of chance help young people turn into real professionals. In order to win battles, not only do participants’ abilities play a role but so makes the amount of money they provide to the student council.

If a player wins, he automatically becomes the favorite. But the loser will face an unenviable fate. The victor is given the right to mock and tyrannize the slain enemy. It is useless to resist in this situation because it can become even sadder. Yumeko Jabami is a new student who bravely accepted the academic rules. She plunged into the surrounding hierarchy with a fighting spirit. It became clear to everyone that soon, Hyakkao would undergo grandiose changes.


One of the most popular games globally, Mahjong can also be found in some of society’s darkest corners. Nango, an ardent player, has accrued almost three million yen in debt as a result. In a desperate attempt to get out of debt, he decides to risk his life playing Mahjong with the mafia in order to get out of debt. Nango’s death looms more and more prominent as the game goes.

When all hope seems to be lost, Shigeru Akagi, a guy on the run from the police, unexpectedly enters the room. In a desperate attempt to turn his luck around, Nango passes the game on to Akagi after telling him the ground rules. The Mafiosi only chuckle when Akagi takes Nango’s place. However, they soon realize that Akagi is a born player. He is a man of respect who is not afraid of death, a man destined to become a legend.

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One Outs

Hiromichi Kojima, the primary batter for the non-existent Japan Pacific League club “Lycaons,” travels to Okinawa, a Japanese island in the south, to practice hard and end a losing run. On the way, he encounters a 134 km/h pitcher named Toa Tokuchi, the uncontested master of the one-out game of baseball.

This story begins with Hiromichi Kojima, the lead batter of the non-existent Japan Pacific League team “Lycaons,” heading to Okinawa, the southern Japanese island, to train hard and get out of a losing streak. There, he meets Toa Tokuchi, a 134 km/h pitcher and the undisputed king of the one-out baseball game. Toa agrees to an unusual contract with the Lycaons after being persuaded by Hiromichi. He earns five million yen for each knocked out. Still, he loses fifty million yen for each lost point.


Saki Miyanaga is a high school student and dislikes playing Mahjong for the most part because her family is top-level players, which means that Saki spent her entire childhood in this business. Her friend Kyotaro Suga invited the girl to the school mahjong club, so they lacked a fourth player. Well, since they asked to play, Saki played, leaving all three rounds “to zero” (after all, no one asked to win). So her stay in this circle would have ended if the club’s president, Hisa Takei, had not found out about her hidden talent.

As an experienced and observant girl, she realized that only a genuinely brilliant person in this game can specifically play “at zero.” Hisa began to leave the girl at the club with all her might and even tricked her into dragging her back to the game. There, Saki had some feelings, and the girl went “to zero” again, collected a scarce combination, and surprised even the professionals. 

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The only thing left is to win because the talent to play Mahjong is in her blood. All Saki’s adventures are directly related to the game, tournaments, and powerful rivals. Now victory is a matter of honor, besides Saki has already decided to show all her skills.

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