How to Choose the Right Device for College Work

Published:Dec 5, 202318:43
How to Choose the Right Device for College Work
College Work

If you’re planning to go to college this September to get your degree, then one of the main purchases you might want to make between now and then is a device to complete your work on. There are several options for students to consider including laptops, tablets, and convertible or two-in-one devices. Let’s take a look at some of the main features of each option to help you determine what’s the best choice for you. 


A laptop device such as these Lenovo education laptops are a very popular choice for students. A laptop will be a device that you can use all the way throughout your college education for a wide range of tasks such as taking notes, writing assignments, making slideshows, creating spreadsheets, and using software that is relevant to your classes like photo editing or CAD software. There is a huge range of laptops to choose from with something suitable for every budget. Laptops are portable, so they’re easy to take to class with you or to use in the library when there are no available computers. You can also get plenty of use out of it in your spare time, whether you use it for online shopping, playing games, or streaming movies and TV shows. 


Tablets are becoming increasingly popular for students these days. If you are planning to study for a degree that is going to involve more visual than written work, such as photo editing, graphic design or art, then a tablet might be a better choice for you. Tablets are also more portable, and you can easily use them to take notes in class if you have a suitable stylus and don’t like the idea of using lots of paper notepads. Tablets are also really handy to have for your personal time, too. You can use them for productivity, playing games, watching movies and TV shows and much more. They’re also really portable and can be used for reading e-books and papers easily, helping you save money on textbooks. 

Convertible Devices

More and more students are choosing 2-in-1 or convertible devices that they can use as either a laptop or a tablet. Since there are benefits of having both of these devices for college, getting a device that you can use as either is a great idea. They’re especially useful for students who are studying art or design classes, for example, as you can easily use your device as a tablet and a stylus for completing visual assignments and flip it back to being a laptop when you need to write an essay. You can get these devices in two different types. One comes with a detachable keyboard and tablet that you can separate. The other type has a keyboard that can be moved 360 degrees to fit behind the screen to turn the device into a tablet when needed. 

Getting the right device can make all the difference when it comes to college. Whether you will do best with a laptop, tablet, or a convertible device that you can use for both is an important decision to make before you start your program.

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