Mardana Sasur Part 3 (Voovi) Web Series All Episodes Online: Cast | Trailer

Published:Dec 5, 202321:29

Mardana Sasur Part 3 (Voovi) Web Series All Episodes Online: Cast | Trailer

Mardana Sasur Part 3 is an Indian net series which is obtainable to stream on Voovi. The series is directed by Vinod Tiwari and stars Amit Joshi, Anjum Fakih, Brijendra Kala and Rajendra Chawla in lead roles.

The story revolves round a person named Raj (Amit Joshi) who's married to a girl named Simran (Anjum Fakih). However, Raj isn't comfortable along with his married life as he feels that his spouse doesn't perceive him.

One day, Raj comes throughout an internet site known as Mardana Sasur which is an internet series a couple of man who's married to an older lady. Raj turns into within the series and begins watching it.

As he watches the series, he begins to get an increasing number of focused on it and begins to fantasize about being in a relationship with an older lady.

Eventually, Raj's fantasies develop into an excessive amount of for him to deal with and he begins to behave on them. He begins to flirt with older girls and even sleeps with one among them.

Simran finds out about her husband's actions and is extraordinarily damage. She decides to divorce him and Raj is left on their lonesome.

However, Raj doesn't quit and he continues to look at the Mardana Sasur net series. He begins to develop emotions for the lead character of the series, who's an older lady.

Raj ultimately meets the lead character of the series, who is known as Veera (Brijendra Kala), and so they begin a relationship.

The series ends with Raj and Veera getting married and residing fortunately ever after.


Amit Joshi as Raj

Anjum Fakih as Simran

Brijendra Kala as Veera

Rajendra Chawla as Raj's father


You can watch the trailer for Mardana Sasur Part 3 here:

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