Padottanasana: 5 benefits of legs up on the wall pose

Whereas many people might unknowingly put our legs up on the wall generally, it’s a yoga pose that has final well being advantages! The Sanskrit title for the pose the place you maintain your legs up is named Padottanasana. If you’re obese and wish to shed extra pounds, or undergo from any thyroid-related difficulty, PCOD, PCOS, melancholy, and stress, this asana is ideal for you. Padottanasana is a quite simple pose that may be performed by anyone however has very highly effective well being advantages.

To know more concerning the superior advantages of this pose, HealthShots spoke to Grand Grasp Akshar, a yoga grasp and non secular guru.

Listed here are 5 advantages of the legs up the wall pose:

1. It impacts your blood strain

As we go about our on a regular basis life, most of us are very busy on our ft. After we are consistently in movement strolling round, we’re unaware of the strain constructing within the decrease physique. If we apply this pose of holding the legs up with or with out a wall help you’ll be able to immediately really feel its advantages. For this, you might lie down and have your legs up at 90 diploma angle. This causes a rise within the blood circulation and removes any tiredness or fatigue out of your decrease physique and ft.

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This will have an instantaneously refreshing impact on you and might even be performed in between the day throughout your work. Everytime you really feel extraordinarily drained, merely lie down and lengthen each legs upwards both with the help of a wall or with out and maintain for 1 or 2 minutes and really feel the reduction that you simply get from doing this asana.

2. Helps you obtain weight reduction

If you’re obese, you might not have the ability to carry out any excessive depth exercise or cardiovascular workout routines. To assist those that are overweight and obese to shed extra pounds, this pose might be extraordinarily efficient. If you lie down and put your legs up on the wall, you’re basically reversing blood move and there’s strain in your abdomen space. This impacts your blood circulation and likewise your metabolism.

signs of weight loss
Legs up on the wall pose will make it easier to shed extra pounds in a sluggish and regular method. Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

“Practicing Padottanasana will enhance blood circulation improving gut health and also increase your metabolism helping you to burn calories faster. This also has an influence on your appetite as it works to reduce the appetite and that will help you to keep the weight away,” says Grand Grasp Akshar.

3. To alleviate stress and melancholy

One of many greatest causes for stress is the shortcoming to pause and maintain nonetheless. For individuals who are confused, Padottanasana can act as an instantaneous and efficient stress buster. If you lie down in your again and maintain your legs up it instantly has a really calming and enjoyable impact on the thoughts and the physique. It lets you pause and thereby, give some relaxation to your thoughts to loosen up.

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Work in direction of a cheerful life by working towards padottanasana every day! Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Padottanasana improves your basic well being

This yoga pose can also be performed to enhance your total effectively being. In yoga, there are lots of poses for the higher physique like Hastha Uthanasana, Samakonasana et cetera and Padottanasana is an asana for the decrease physique.

“The ideal timing to practice this pose is early in the morning and it needs to be done preferably on an empty stomach. You can also practice this in the evening but make sure that there is a 2 hour gap between consuming a meal and performing this pose. Padottanasana is not recommended for patients who have just undergone any hernia operation or surgeries related to the stomach and lower body. Women in their menstruation are also advised to avoid this pose completely during the duration of the cycle,” says Grand Grasp Akshar.

5. Advantages for thyroid associated points

The benefit of working towards Padottanasana is that it may be helpful for each hyper and hypothyroidism. Padottanasana is a pose that helps to enhance the circulation of blood, which in flip regulates hormone secretion. If you do that pose, it strengthens the neck and focuses more on stimulating the throat the place the thyroid gland is located.


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