Popular Bollywood stars on Instagram

Published:Dec 5, 202318:36
Popular Bollywood stars on Instagram
Popular Bollywood stars on Instagram|

With fascinating aspects and trends on Instagram, Facebook Live, and Snapchat – it has become very simple and accessible for celebrities to interact with their fans and grant a glance of what drives on in their everyday lives.

Other than promoting their movies and attaining millions of their followers with just a few clicks, celebrities hold dealing slight experiences and activities of their day-to-day lives that rapidly propel their fans into a craze. There is often a desire to learn better about their favorite celebrities.

Bollywood is all about showiness, charm, and forming trends. So it is only realistic to conclude that celebrities drive the industry. Stardom is like a force of nature for all celebs.

In India, Bollywood celebrities have the largest followers in the country. The stars here are admired by a population of over a billion people. Everything they accomplish or tell is gossiped about regardless of how huge or small it might be. The major reason for this being India’s love for cinema. Indians adore to be entertained and seeing films is the vastly liked source of entertainment for the country. They establish an attachment with the artist that survives even after they are done seeing the movie. Everything that a celebrity tells has an enormous influence on the belief of people and to some extent even alters it.

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Here is a list of the 10 most followed, admired and praised Bollywood celebrities on Instagram

Bollywood celebrities on Instagram

1. Priyanka Chopra (59.8M Followers)

Her Instagram account ranks as one of the topmost Bollywood star accounts you expect to follow straight away, it is one manner to be an aspect of all the global achievements that she keeps attaining now and then. The diva is thoroughly active too with her Instagram posts.

2. Deepika Padukone ( 52.8M Followers)

As the New Year set in, Deepika deleted all her posts from her Instagram feed which fled her fans and followers mystify. There was not a minor clue as to why she would have commended that. However, she soon commenced her audio diary as her initial post for the New Year where she shared all her little knowledge, adventures, and wisdom with her fans. Deepika is known to share cute pictures from her childhood that lends a glance of her school days, duration of spent with family to name a few. She keeps sharing posts that inform her fans about her favorite food, favorite childhood exhibit. Her feed is a getaway to her fondness and hatred for all her fans.

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3. Alia Bhatt (50.6M Followers)

The cute actress has gorgeous pictures on her Instagram feed that has posters of her upcoming movies, vacation resemblances, throwback pictures, and a ton of pictures with her cat Edward. Her Instagram feed simply illustrates her affection for her cat and also books and lots of sunshine! Her Instagram feed has a very optimistic vibe containing it and her large number of fans are always anxious to know more.

4. Anushka Sharma (45.5M Followers)

Anushka Sharma is one of the extensively sought-after actresses in the industry today. Not only she has demonstrated her strength as an actor, but she has also established her production and clothes company as well. Her Instagram feed has recently been refreshed with all the activities she has been active with during her gestation period. The star formerly gave birth to a healthy baby girl and we cannot wait to receive the first glance.

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5. Akshay Kumar (48M Followers)

His feed is filled with the posters of his upcoming movies. He shares plenty of cute images with his wonderful wife Twinkle Khanna relatively on birthdays, anniversaries, and family festivals.

6. Salman Khan (37.7M followers)

Salman Khan is an establishment in himself. His Instagram feed is served with posters of his upcoming movies, he also posts pictures of endeavors attempted by his closest friends in the industry to show his fondness and assistance.

7. Varun Dhawan (33.6M Followers)

This young star is in the headlines for numerous intentions right now. With his marriage right around the corner, it is no wonder that his followers are boosting and they all want to know the details of everything he is accomplishing. The actor’s feed is served with his gym training sessions which shows why he is one of the competent actors in Bollywood right now. He has been allotted the designation of one of the best PR agents ever as he emphasizes his films amazingly on his social media handles.

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8. Shahid Kapoor (29.9M Followers)

The digit might seem smaller compared to the others in this league, but Shahid Kapoor is one of the most stylish actors in the industry and has an enormous fan following. He has been giving back-to-back hits and fans cannot get adequate of his adorable posts with his glamorous wife and children. The actor keeps posting selfies on his feed that bestows us better evidence about his flawless traits.

9. Ranveer Singh (34.5M Followers)

His charismatic attitude and cheerful behavior are what attract people to him. Other than his magnetic energy, his extraordinary acting abilities have bought him a vast fan following over the years. His Instagram feed is as colorful as his personality as it is replenished with pictures of his quirky and fun photoshoots for publication and ad campaigns. He also posts a lot of images for special events like birthdays and anniversaries that bring the audience to admire him even more.

10. Shraddha Kapoor (57.5M Followers)

Shraddha Kapoor is the definitive girl next door who is extremely involved with a lot of projects. Her feed detects a lot of posts of her shoots, ad campaigns, music videos, Sometimes she also shares a ton of her fan arts that she liked.

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