Top 10 Worst Dresses of Bollywood Actress.

Published:Dec 5, 202321:18
Top 10 Worst Dresses of Bollywood Actress.

Celebrities are always criticized and cheered for the fashion taste they abide by. There are two aspects of a coin, parallel to it there are two outcomes that the celebrities can confront. The first one is if their attire is liked by the public, they are admired, and if their apparel is not up to the expectations of the public, they might receive criticism from the public.

Social media is an incredible concept to develop trends. It is a platform where a celebrity can influence their fans. But ever since Social media has grown, netizens tend to troll celebrities for their terrible dressed in the party, occasion, or any public manifestation.

We bring to you 10 Bollywood celebrities who opted for terrible fashion selections.

We should realize that looking every day stunning is not significant. Sometimes it is fun to choose comfort over style. It is alright if your fashion style is not recommended by your fans, there's no need to worry about it.

Talking about Bollywood stars, they are constantly in light to formulate fashion announcements that are bold, trendy, and somewhat incredibly inspiring. Like we meant above, sometimes they get caught opting for the awful style choice.

Moving to a party? It’s highly suggested not to wrap as these celebrities did. Each individual looks good at some and horrible at some events. Sometimes even the celebs fall at an event and look outrageous in designer dresses.

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Here are some of the worst dressed celebrities

So without further fuss, let’s grab a glance at the actress who lagged to influence us, despite spending the huge bucks for a team of stylists, hair, and makeup artists.

The top 10 celebrities who went wrong with their fashion taste are listed below-

01 - Neha Dhupia

Recognized for her fashion opinion Neha Dhupia has constantly influenced us with her attires. But she was wrapped like a nun matron at the IIFA 2016. Her costume was a white gown which was not at all fashionable. Her hairdo again didn’t work for the costume.

01 - Neha Dhupia

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02 - Kajol Devgan

Just as she commenced to clothe elegantly we received to glimpse this outfit. The color mixture is nothing but a mess. Whitetop and sea blue shimmy skirt, you extremely require to work on fashion statement.

02 - Kajol Devgan

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03- Rani Mukerji

Having put on weight after marriage doesn’t imply you can clothe like a reporter on any occasion. Bollywood stars should anyhow retain their fame no matter what. Rani Mukerji incredibly disheartens her fans after attiring this look.

03- Rani Mukerji

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04- Sonam Kapoor

Recognized worldwide for her fashion opinion, Sonam Kapoor brought down her fans with her Cannes manifestation. However she was looking gorgeous neck up, there was nothing remotely exceptional about her overflowing dress. Sorry Sonam, your attempt didn’t function this time.

04- Sonam Kapoor

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05- Kainat Arora

This Grand Masti actress wore a black heart over her gown. Black suits everyone, but it simply did not function for her. Kainat Arora's gift-wrap-looking dress gown was a dreadful choice. It was at IIFA she sported that dress. Being a beginner in the industry, she could have accomplished extensively better.

05- Kainat Arora

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06- Ameesha Patel

After each coming year, this actress is believed to have lessened her apparel principles. There is no term to formulate the cringe felt after seeing her dressed in this manner. At Life Ok awards, one had hoped much better from her.

06- Ameesha Patel

07- Tanisha Mukerji

This Bollywood celebrity arrived in the limelight of her alleged relationship with Armaan Malik at Big Boss. At IIFA she was observed wearing a disorganized dress. It was a strapless gown braided with net or gown modified, we couldn’t quite nicely understand.

08- Rakhi Sawant

This Bollywood’s item girl never quits disappointing the media. Be it a kiss with Mika Singh, inadequate mode of words, or dressing ridiculously at occasions Rakhi Sawant has done-it-all. At Life Ok award ceremony, she was noticed wrapped in a bright pink dress. To beat it all she carried a mujra cap on her head and loud makeup on her skin.

09- Deepika Padukone

Confident of her glimpse Deepika stepped the red carpet with assurance. Bit did she know that her clothes would prevail as Bollywood’s Blunder by foreign media? Those long earrings with a slit dress did not simply compel people to laugh at her but also somehow distorted her prominence. Even the best can blunder sometimes.

10- Sonakshi Sinha

This Dabangg actress yet doesn’t infer what matches with what. An antique-looking skirt with a unique fashion crop top looked embarrassing. Those pink bellies just finished the strange outfit. Kindly fire your stylist or employ a fresh one.

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