Tata Harrier EV with AWD + 200KM Range + 5 Star Safety | Tata's Next Electric Car in India

Published:Jun 19, 202419:38
Updated on:Jun 19, 2024
Tata Harrier EV with AWD + 200KM Range + 5 Star Safety | Tata's Next Electric Car in India

Hello guys, today it's time for Tata Motors, our country's Anban San. Let's see what all we get to see in Tata. The main attraction of this is, I will show you at the end because if you see that, you won't feel like seeing anything else. So first of all, you get to see here,  the EV version of our Tata Harrier is standing here. Look at this.

If I talk about the features, then you will also get to see all-wheel drive in this. Yes, you heard it right. You will also get to see all-wheel drive in this. And look at the color of this, it looks so great.  Look at the color of this. Look at this.

You can see the design of this alloy. If I show you the rear profile, then the rear profile is also the same. Look at this. Look at this. If you haven't seen the normal Harrier article, then you can click on the right corner.  And if you want to see the dark version, the dark edition of this, then you can also see that. All the links are in the description. So this is our Tata Harrier EV. If I show you the features, then all the features are written here. You can see. Look at this.  Here you get to see all the features.

You can pause it and see. So this was the first offering. After this, if I show you the second, then here is our Punch EV. You can also call it the Naxon Mini.

It looks exactly the same from the front. This is our Punch EV.  And if I show you the side profile, then the side profile is something like this. If I talk about the price of this top end variant, then it goes up to about 15 lakhs. And in 15 lakhs, maybe this is the most featured car. If I talk about the features,  then you can see the front parking sensors.

You can also see its disc brakes in all four wheels. Look at this. You get to see the camera from the 360. You get so many features inside. You get to see the arcade EV, the gaming option in Tata's car. And it is loaded with features.  Its rear is something like this.

Just like the normal Punch. But Tata played the Naxon game in the front. This is also made of Naxon from the front. Look at this. Look at this.

You get to see the 360 camera in this. Now let's talk about the next thing.  So the next is the dark variant of Naxon EV. Now let me show you its rear first. Because its rear goes from here. It doesn't go from there. So its rear is something like this. If you want to see the article of Tata Naxon, then the normal variants of every car that I am showing you,  its link will be coming in the right corner. If you want to see, then you can go there and watch the detailed article. You get to see the connected LED tail lights in this.

And in the dark color, the cars of Tata are something different. Look at this. You also get to see all wheel disc brakes in this.  And if I show you its front. Look at this. Its front is something like this. The front is the same conventional Tata Naxon EV. Which you get to see. I have also made a article of Tata Naxon EV. You can also see that by clicking on the right corner.  Its link is given in the description. After that, this is the Punch EV. This is the same that was standing before. But it has the same color.

Which you get to see in Harrier. After that, this is the main car of Tata. This is the Altroz Racer. In which the graphics are very good.  Look at this. Look at its alloy wheels. Look at the design of the alloy wheels. It looks so robust. And look at its front.

Look at this. It also has a head-up display. It looks like a head-up display. You will get to see the features when it launches.  You can see this. And if I show you its rear. Look at this.

This is its rear profile. So you get to see this in dual-tone. In orange and black. And in the middle, in the front, you get to see its white strips. With that, you get to see a very sporty look.  This is what I am talking about. Look at this. White strips. And look at this. It also has a sunroof. It also has a satin antenna.

So now Tata has started giving features to all the cars. If you read further. So look at this. Here is Tata Naxon's ICNG.  And this is the country's first CNG car. With a turbo-petrol engine. Now I will show you its technology.

How is the CNG. So it is about to come. Look at this. Dual-cylinder technology has been used here. And you will ask where is its stuff.

Where is its spare tyre.  So look at that. It is shown below. With a dedicated glass.

With a mirror. You will be able to see how the tyre fits. You will also get all the other features. Which you get to see in Tata Naxon.

After that. Let's go to Tata's newly launched Safari. Safari has a red dark edition here.  This is exactly like the previous one.

The first Safari that you get to see. In that also. The red dark edition that you get to see. You get to see the same elements in it. Look at this in the front. Here you get to see red elements. Here you get to see the Safari dark badge.  Or you get to see it on the number plate.

And the brake calipers are also red. Look at this. It looks amazing. Here it is written Safari. And here you get to see the hashtag dark badge. And if we talk about its whole profile. There is not much change in the whole profile. 

plus the combination of red.

If you look at the interior, you can see that it is all red. So the first Harrier and Safari you saw, the same way you get to see the dark edition, the same way you get to see the red on the door handle. So this was Tata's Safari Red Dark Edition and you can see the details of it here.

And now it's Tata's turn. The main attraction here is this car. Now you will say, what kind of car is this? This is not Tata's car. So yes, Tata has done a great job with this car in the expo this year. And this car looks so great. This is Tata's car.  And it is going to come to the market very soon. It has so much versatility that it will also come in EV, petrol and diesel.

So you can imagine how much Tata is thinking about this car. It has been two to three years in R&D. And this is the final production ready model.  It is still a concept, but it is considered to be final. The actual car will come as it is. You can see some of its alloy wheels. If I show its front design, you can see its front design like this.

The LED DRL is like a punch. And the grille at the bottom is like a Harrier and Safari.  Now if I show its side profile, you can see this. You can see its design in the coupe style. It looks very muscular. And you can see the body cladding and the color on the wheel arches. You can see this in the piano black finish. I am concerned because the piano black finish catches scratches very quickly.

So it is going to cost you a lot in maintenance. And you can see this in the rear. I showed you the bike in the hero article. The collector edition of Karisma. And this is the Tata Curve.

I didn't think that an Indian brand can launch such products in its category.  So you can see its looks. How do you like this car? Do tell me in the comments. And this was the entire Tata Motors' cars department. You can see this.

I showed you everything from there. And this is the Tata Curve. After this, these are the buses of Tata.  And if I show you this, I will also show you its tour. You can see the buses here. Look at this.

These are all buses and trucks. So this was a tour of Tata Pavilion for you. If you are sitting at home and watching, what can be better than this?  I am bringing all the content for you. Subscribe to the newsletter. Share the article. Support it. Like the article. And I will see you in the next article. With the same brand that is going crazy in the auto expo. Finland. Take care. Bye-bye.

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